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Knowledge Graphs for innovation Presentation by Dawa Chang

2 years ago

Knowledge Graphs for innovation

It mainly talks about the research idea and the progress of Dawa's work as of 15th October 2021. The research aims to investigate how Knowledge Graphs can help enhance our creativity when we generate a new idea for a new product or service development and mitigate uncertainty when we select an idea to pursue. Therefore, the research concerns the very early stage of the innovation process for a new product and service development, the so-called "fuzzy front-end stage." The final object of this research would be to develop a proof-of-concept application of Knowledge Graphs, which helps the companies to improve the problem in the fuzzy front-end stage and suggests a method to reduce the overall time and costs of the innovation process. Currently, Dawa is trying to figure out a way to design the relevant proof-of-concept application with data from the Kickstarter business projects.

The slides of the presentation can be found here