Scientific Deliverables

1.1 Syntax Formalisms for Representing KGs
1.2 Semantic Representations for KGs
2.1 Construction of KGs
2.2 Maintenance of KGs
3.1 Knowledge Graph Data Structures
3.2 Knowledge Graph Operators
4.1 Legally and ethically sound innovation best practices
4.2 Innovation and exploitation prototypes and guidelines

Management, Training, Recruitment and Dissemination Deliverables

5.1 Training curriculum
5.2 Career Development Plans for all ESRs
5.3 ESR capacity development summary
5.4 Summary of doctoral awards and achievements
6.1 Website
6.2 Dissemination and Communications Strategy
6.3 Dissemination Training for ESRs
6.4 Final Exploitation Plan
6.5 Report on Final Events
7.1 Project setup
7.2 Report on recruitment
7.3 First periodic report
7.4 Draft periodic report
7.5 Second periodic report
7.6 Final periodic report