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KnowGraphs Workshop

7 months ago

KnowGraphs Workshop Organised by the University of Paderborn

On the 30th of September took place at the University of Paderborn the first hybrid workshop of the KnowGraphs project. This was the first time that ESRs from different host universities had the opportunity to meet each other in person. In total nine ESRs from six different partners attended the workshop in person. The rest of the ESRs as well as the supervisors and mentors of the project participated in the workshop virtually.

Similarly to the previous workshops of the project, the latest KnowGraphs workshop was a full-day event. The first half of the workshop focused on the progress that the ESRs have made in their respective research topics. Each ESR gave a short presentation focusing on their research work and their accomplishments within the scope of the project. The purpose of the second half of the workshop was for the ESRs to actively participate in discussions related to specific research topics related to KnowGraphs. The discussions allowed ESRs to become more familiar with the works of their colleagues and to examine collaboration opportunities.