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Work Package 4 Meeting

2 years ago

Knowedge Graphs and Data Protection Law

On 20 January 2022, the Work Package 4 meeting took place. ESR 15, Efstratios Koulierakis, made a presentation on data protection law and knowledge graphs. Efstratios Koulierakis presented his work progress, as well as topics for potential collaborations between the ESRs.

In his presentation, he mentioned that there are two ways to think of the relation between knowledge graphs and data protection by design and by default. On the one hand, knowledge graphs can be a tool for development of IT solutions that achieve automatic compliance, by design and by default. On the other hand, knowledge graphs may contain facts about individuals, which can be regarded as a challenge for data protection law.

The meeting was attended by ESRs and supervisors of work package 4. Moreover, the special guests Ben Whittam Smith (from the research partner Deontic Data) and Özge Erten (from work package 3) also joined the meeting.