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Work Package 2 Meeting

2 years ago

Construction of KGs

Pere-Lluis Huguet Cabot - ESR 04, Babelscape

ESR 04 presented the preliminary results on the projects discussed in the last meeting. Entity Typing for Relation Extraction showed a high coverage, where 98% of the instances of entities have been assigned a type for the current dataset. He then explained the use of the Language Interpretability Tool within a project with ESR 06 who then continued the explanation for their shared project.

Bo Xiong - ESR 05, University of Stuttgart

ESR 05 first presented the progress of the secondment project: Cell type annotations with ontology embeddings. The results show some improvements against some baselines. Besides, they demonstrated a hyperbolic multi-label classification method that aims at improving the prediction consistency by constraining the hierarchy and exclusion relations between labels with geometric construction. Initial results on multi-label classification show the advantages of the proposed method.

Carlos Abelardo Martinez Lorenzo - ESR 06, Babelscape

ESR 06 continued the presentation of ESR 04 on alignment and the use of interpretability methods. This involved introducing the baseline system that is being used as a comparison as well as presenting the system that they have developed which achieves competitive results, improving upon the baseline.

Umair Qudus - ESR 07, Paderborn University

In the meeting, ESR 07 presented his progress related to the hybrid fact-checking approach that he is currently working on. He updated some more datasets for a better comparison.

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