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Data Protection Certification and the GDPR-CARPA Certificate

a year ago

Presentation of the GDPR-CARPA Certificate

Efstratios Koulierakis - ESR 15, University of Groningen

According to the regime established in accordance with articles 42-43 GDPR, data protection certification is a process in which a certifying party attests that particular processing operations comply with the Regulation. The GDPR-CARPA is the first data protection certificate officially approved by a Data Protection Authority. Specifically, the scheme was approved by CNPD, the data protection authority of Luxembourg. The scheme is a general one and it is applicable to all kinds of data processing operations. GDPR-CARPA prescribes methods of compliance with the GDPR and it goes beyond what is strictly required by the Regulation.

The slides of the presentation can be found here.