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Semantic Technology based Usage Control for Decentralized Systems

a year ago

Presentation of a paper accepted in the ISWC Doctoral Consortium

Ines Akaichi - ESR 3, Vienna University of Economics and Business

When it comes to sharing data and digital assets in decentralized environments, software platform providers face various legislative challenges. Such challenges include (but are not limited to) the need for adherence to legal requirements with respect to privacy (e.g. data protection legislation) and copyright (e.g. copyright legislation). In addition, data owners are reluctant to share their data with decentralized systems, as often they have no control over the usage of their data. In order to enable software platform providers to manage data and digital assets appropriately and to provide more control to data and digital asset owners, policy-based usage control could be used to make sure that consumers handle data according to privacy preferences, licenses, regulatory requirements and other restrictions. The research proposal of the ESR investigates the application of policy-based usage control in decentralized environments, in order to address the challenges of controlling the use of data and assets. In particular, her work addresses the challenges related to the specification of usage control policies, the enforcement of the respective policies, and the usability of the tools that are used to administer them.

The slides of the presentation can be found here.